Survey: support for the adoption of euro has increased

The results of the Euro surveillance survey carried out in January shows that smooth transition to euro has increased support to the adoption of the joint currency among Estonian people.
3. 02. 2011

According to the survey, 65% of the respondent Estonian citizens and 60% of all the respondents supported the adoption of euro. Less than half of the respondents – 39% and 44% accordingly – support euro among non-Estonians and people with low income.

According to the survey, transition to euro was considered smooth by 90% of the people. Three thirds of the respondents experienced no difficulties in relation to the transition.

The respondents were also asked to evaluate information given on adoption of euro. The most useful measure was overwhelmingly considered to be displaying prices in two currencies. 86% of the respondents said it was necessary. The next were articles in press (65%), euro calculator (54%) and information materials sent home (48%).

97% of the respondents considered themselves well or sufficiently informed at adoption of euro. This rate was high in all groups of society.

Research company Faktum&Ariko carried out the questioning in 19.–26. January. 500 people at an age of 15–74 were questioned via telephone. The survey was carried out by a request of the State Chancellery and the Ministry of Finance. The series of surveys conducted since July observed the knowledge on euro and the general support of Estonian people to adoption of the joint currency.

The survey report in Estonian is fully available on the website of State Chancellery  and the Euroweb at


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