Preparations for changeover to euro are about to be finished

According to the Euro Changeover Expert Committee, who convened today on 14 December, the state?s preparations for changeover to euro are about to be finished.
15. 12. 2010

The committee listened to the reports of all the work groups with respect to the preparations for changeover to euro. According to the reports, the state’s preparations for currency exchange are about to finish on schedule.

“People can feel safe prior to currency exchange. The state is on schedule with the necessary preparations and the banking sector has assured its readiness,” said Tea Varrak, Chancellor of the Ministry of Finance and Head of the Euro Changeover Expert Committee.

Varrak says that due to changeover to euro, possible risks have been mapped and the management of them has been contemplated. Should any failures arise, they will be eliminated as quickly as possible.

“As during the first two weeks of January it will be possible to pay both in kroons and euros, people do not necessarily need to go to a bank office immediately on 1 January. There is enough time for exchanging the currency and all people will definitely manage to exchange their kroons,“ Varrak said. ”We recommend people to have enough cash with them on New Year’s Eve in order that greeting the New Year would go smoothly,” she said.

In order to get an exact overview of the opening hours of the bank offices during the period of dual circulation (1-14 January 2010), we recommend people to follow the information they receive from their home banks as well as to look at the web pages of the banks. The opening hours of the post offices participating in currency exchange are available on the web page of Estonian Post.


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