Euro calculators have reached thousands of mailboxes

By Saturday, 6th of November evening euro calculators arrived at Võru, Saare and Põlva county mailboxes, in Valga- and Viljandi counties delivery starts on Monday.
11. 11. 2010

With regards to the delivery covering the whole territory, Estonian Post points out that the condition of private mailboxes is not satisfactory. Postmen are serving more than 561 000 private mailboxes, 148 000 of which belong to private houses and 30% of them should be changed.

Often, mailboxes are broken, too small (including a small aperture) or are not accessible. There are also households without a mailbox at all. The mailboxes are often appropriate rather for bird nest box - newspapers and letters do not fit into it. Old mailboxes may be very cute and close to the heart for the family, but when the items get damaged, it is time to think about acquiring a new mailbox.

Requirements to the mailbox and to it´s accessibility are defined in the Postal Act as obligations for the recipient. Estonian Post is grateful to all recipients who`s mailboxes meet the requirements as stipulated in the law and hopes that the situation will improve in the future.

Each household receives one euro calculator, the delivery will be completed by 17th of November. If the calculator has not delivered by 17th of November, or it is damaged, please contact Euro info phone 8003330 or contact Estonian Post at or phone nr. 1661.