Survey: awareness of changeover to euro has soared

According to euro monitoring survey conducted in December, 94% of the respondents consider themselves to be well or sufficiently informed of the issues related to changeover to euro.
23. 12. 2010

General support to adoption of euro remains at the same level as it has been during the recent months by reaching 52%.

Compared to November, the respondents’ assessment to their knowledge increased in December by five percentage points. The number of the respondents who consider themselves to be well informed has soared compared to November - from 36% to 56%. The percentage of the people requiring additional information has been continuously decreasing by remaining at 8% in December.

Practical knowledge of the amounts of cash exchange, deadlines, exchange without any service fee and of dual circulation remains steadily at a high level.

In November, 52% of the respondents supported adoption of euro. 39% did not support the single currency and 9% could not express their opinion. Compared to the previous survey, the support has decreased by two percentage points. The support of people with low income and elderly age group has decreased more than average.

Support to adoption of euro is still associated mostly with travelling and simplification of currency-related issues abroad, suitability of the single money for the membership of the European Union and with direct or indirect benefit to the economy of Estonia.

Among reasons for not to support euro, emotional aspect has risen to the first place – Estonian kroon is considered to be a symbol of identity which people feel sorry to give up. The price increase argument has receded in December. The third strong argument for not to support changeover to euro was the justification of euro’s own weakness.

The survey was conducted on 6-15 December by a polling company Faktum&Ariko. 501 people at the age of 15-74 were interviewed by phone. The survey was ordered by State Chancellery and the Ministry of Finance. The series of surveys conducted as from July observes how informed the residents of Estonia are as well as the general support to changeover to euro.

The survey report is available in full on the web page of State Chancellery.


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