Survey: support to euro adoption has increased

According to the euro monitoring survey conducted at the request of Ministry of Finance and State Chancellery, in November 54% of the Estonian residents supported changeover to euro. Compared to October, the support has increased by five percentage point.
26. 11. 2010

The residents’ awareness of the issues related to changeover to euro has also increased – this is demonstrated by self-assessment as well as by the knowledge of the facts related to the practical changeover to euro.

In November, 89% of the respondents considered themselves to be well or sufficiently informed of the adoption of euro. 13% found additional information necessary. In October, the corresponding figures were 84% and 21%.

According to Kalev Petti, Head of Research at Faktum&Ariko, the company carrying out the survey, the fact that during the past month people have received more and more specific and practical news instead of general information has contributed to the increase in support.

In November, 54% of the respondents supported adoption of euro. 36% did not support changeover to the single currency and 10% did not have any opinion. In October, 49% supported changeover to euro and 40% of the residents did not support it. Compared to the previous survey, the support of women and elderly age group has increased more than average.

The survey was conducted on 8-15 October by a polling company Faktum&Ariko. 502 people at the age of 15-74 were interviewed by phone. The survey was ordered by State Chancellery and the Ministry of Finance.

The complete survey report is available at Euroveeb and on the web page of State Chancellery.

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