Additional distribution of euro calculators

Within two and a half weeks, 560,672 euro calculators were distributed by postal and logistics companies throughout Estonia.
29. 11. 2010

By November 24, Estonian Post Ltd. had received over 6,000 applications from people, who had not received a euro calculator within the first mailing round but wished to obtain it nevertheless. The first additional batch of euro calculators shall be posted in November and the second in January. 

“People are very interested in the calculators. The first additional calculators were mailed early this morning. We are reviewing all applications and those, who are still without a calculator, will soon find one in their letter box. If the envelope is too big for a letter box, a notice describing the ways of receiving the calculator shall be posted instead,” commented the Head of the Postal Services Division of Estonian Post Ltd., Jaan Vainult.

“As the quantities set aside for direct mailing have, for the most part, been already distributed, the Ministry of Finance will meet people’s wishes by ordering an additional batch of calculators. These calculators shall be distributed in January,” spoke the project manager for Euro Communications at the Ministry of Finance, Ingvar Bärenklau.

We ask that all applicants, who have not yet received a euro calculator, contact the client services of Estonian Post Ltd. by email or by phone 1661, 661 6616. According to Estonian Post Ltd. the first set of additional mailing shall be organised by the beginning of December, and the second in January next year.

User manuals in Estonian, Russian and English are attached to the calculators; and Estonian-language video instructions are also available via Euroweb. The calculators are subject to a 2-year warranty period (until September 2012), whereas the replacement and waste handling of the products is organised by the retail chain Euronics in all their stores. Faulty calculators could also be replaced by post. The warranty terms for the calculators are found here.