AS G4S Eesti: save cash for New Year’s Eve and be patient!

AS G4S Eesti reminds people that as from the evening of 30 December until the early hours of 1 January, the ATM?s will be loaded with euros and all the ATM?s which dispense cash will be closed during this period.
29. 12. 2010

G4S advises to save a sufficient amount of cash for the New Year’s Eve and the weekend following it in order to avoid inconvenient situations in places where paying by card is impossible. “People are often busy before the end of year and lots of purchases are made at the last moment. Unfortunately, at the end of this year, it will not be possible to take cash whenever there will be the need for it. In order to avoid awkward situations where paying in cash is the only option, e.g. in a taxi, and all the ATM’s are closed, we advise people already beforehand to think over where and how much cash they might need,” said Veiko Vaher, the Director of Cash Division.

It will take time to get used to euros and it is possible that during the weekend following the New Year’s Eve, there will be queues in institutions dealing with cash transactions. “During the first euro days, the work load of the shop assistants will increase significantly, and therefore we advise you to be patient and understanding in case of possible delays,” added Veiko Vaher.

If you are facing bigger outgoings and you will need more cash than regularly, G4S advises to take cash out when accompanied by a reliable person. When planning to draw a bigger amount of cash from an ATM, make sure that it is safe, and it will also do you no harm if you take extra precautions by taking some good acquaintance with you,” said Veiko Vaher.

Being the largest cooperation partner of the banks in the field of cash deliveries and processing, G4S will make sure that euros will be available in ATM’s as from the early hours of 1 January. G4S Eesti serves about 800 ATM’s all over Estonia, and in order to load them with euros, cash division cars will have to cover more than 240,000 kilometres.

Julia Garanža
Communications Manager

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