Consumer Protection Board: 83% of the enterprises are correctly displaying dual prices

Consumer Protection Board: 83% of the enterprises are correctly displaying dual prices.
6. 12. 2010

In November the Consumer Protection Board inspected the display of euro prices and kroon prices 567 times. 83% of the inspected enterprises had met the requirements.

The number of enterprises detected violating the rules was 94, i.e. 17% of the inspected enterprises. 6 of the enterprises had not displayed any Euro prices and 33 only partly. In 13 cases the prices were computed applying incorrect exchange rate, the highest number of violations, 56, were related to rounding.

The above number of inspections included 67 cases of follow-up inspections during which it was established that 3 enterprises had still not corrected euro prices. Regarding violations 33 fine rulingswere issued in the total amount of EEK 13 260.

During the whole period the Board has inspected 3777 enterprises. Against the background of the decreasing number of breaches complying with the rounding rules is still the most serious problem. Second comes the partial lack of euro prices, third application of incorrect exchange rate and fourth total lack of euro prices. Generally larger trade and service enterprises are acting correctly, shortcomings occur more often in smaller companies. The total amount of fines imposed is EEK 169,330 (starting from 01/07/10)

The Director General of the Consumer Protection Board Andres Sooniste said: ".. starting from July  the proportion of breaches regarding requirement of double display of prices has fast dropped. This has certainly an enhancing effect consumer confidence and the preparedness of the undertakings to join the euro area

Andres Sooniste continued: "the ignoring of rounding rules may seem insignificant but we must not forget that the value of one kroon cent is smaller than the value of one euro cent and adding just a couple of euros to the price means a significant price rise“. The purchase decisions of consumers become continuously more well-considered and their confidence is modest against the background of creeping price rise, therefore the Consumer Protection Board calls the enterprises to join the Honest Pricing Pact that can become a more valued indicator compared to the present moment at the turn of the year and increase consumer confidence and the reliability of the traders.

The Consumer Protection Board will continue to monitor the euro prices also during the last months of kroon in the period of dual circulation and throughout the first half of the next year when kroon prices must be displayed along with euro prices.


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