16 000 people visited the Euro Exhibition in Narva

Approximately 16 000 people in 28 days attended the Euro Exhibition that ended this week in Narva Astri shopping centre, and more than 5000 sets of information materials were distributed.
21. 09. 2010

Ingvar Bärenklau, Ministry of Finance’s euro communication project manager, said that the Euro Exhibition in Narva can be considered a complete success. “More than 300 people visited four information seminars held in the framework of the exhibition, and a lot of questions were asked. Visitors showed particular interest to the presentation of Tea Varrak, the chancellor of the Ministry of Finance, which was attended by more than 120 people. The Euro Exhibition will open in Tallinn already on September 20 and there is a reason to believe that the interest towards the exhibition and seminars is going to be high,” said Bärenklau.

In all, four information seminars took place in the framework of this travelling exhibition in Narva, discussing practical aspects of the introduction of the euro and its impact on the Estonian economy and banking services, and introducing the security elements of the new currency. In addition the chancellor of the Ministry of Finance, presentations were made by Anvar Samost, a journalist, Õie Karask, cashexpert of the Bank of Estonia, and Olga Anderzhanova, sales and service manager of Swedbank’s office in Narva. Seminars were held in Russian and they were free of charge.

The Euro Exhibition and the accompanying seminars and school quizzes are part of the national information campaign aiming to increase the awareness of Estonian citizens on the practical aspects related to changeover to the euro. From September 20, the exhibition will be open in Tallinn at the Ahhaa centre and from November 8 onwards at Tartu Lõunakeskus.

Additional information:
Ingvar Bärenklau
Ministry of Finance’s euro communication project manager
Tel: 611 3167