Fair pricing campaign launched today

An advertising campaign was launched in Estonian media on Monday, 23 August, inviting all traders, service providers and producers to subscribe to the Fair Pricing Agreement and to avoid unjustified price increases after changeover to the euro.
23. 08. 2010

“All legal persons and even local governments are welcome to subscribe to the agreement. Every subscriber makes a commitment that they will not increase their prices without justification after changeover to the euro,” said Tea Varrak, Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance.
“As the fear of price increase is one of the main fears associated with the changeover to the euro among Estonian people, such public commitment of the entrepreneurs and their subsequent behaviour will hopefully convince people that the introduction of the euro will not lead to an increase in prices,” Varrak added. 

According to Siim Raie, Director General of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who is responsible for coordinating the subscription, preventing an increase in the rate of inflation and raising the level of confidence among consumers will be in the interests of entrepreneurs themselves.

Traders, service providers and producers who have subscribed to the agreement can be recognised by the fair pricing logo “euro hinda ei tõsta” (euro does not raise the price). More information on the conditions of the agreement and an application for subscription are available at euro.eesti.ee and ahk.eesti.ee. Applications can be submitted from 25 August. All subscribers to the agreement will receive respective stickers, which they can display at their points of sale or service provision. In addition, a style guide is available for download, providing information on further options on how to demonstrate the status of a subscriber to the agreement.

The advertising campaign is visible on outdoor adverts, on the Internet and in newspapers. Radio clips inviting people to subscribe to the agreement have been recorded as well. The fair pricing campaign will be promoted in both Estonian- and Russian-language media. The campaign period lasts from 23 August to 26 September.


Additional information:

Mait Palts

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Tel.: 604 0060