Starter kits of Estonia's euro coins

Updated: 17.03.2011

In December 2010, the residents of Estonia could buy a starter kit of Estonia’s euro coins.

The starter kit was intended for the residents of Estonia to let them get used to the new euro coins and to make it possible for people to make purchases in euro cash starting from 1 January. Starter kits could be purchased from all the branches of commercial banks and also from all 391 post offices of Eesti Post. The price of the starter kit was 200 kroons and no-one could purchase more than five sets at a time.

The starter kit comprises 42 euro coins with a total value of 12.79 euros. A security token has been added to the starter kit in order to confirm the authenticity of the starter kit. The starter kit of the euro coins contains the following coins: seven 1-cent coins, six 2-, 5-, and 20-cent coins, five 50-cent coins and four 1-euro and two 2-euro coins.

The Bank of Estonia prepared 700,000 euro coin starter kits on the basis of one set per household.

The starter kits were produced for the Bank of Estonia by Finnish Rahapaja Oy. The production of the starter kits was co-financed by the European Commission.