The first Euro Exhibition was opened in Narva

Today, on 18 August, a travelling exhibition introducing euro was opened in Astri shopping centre in Narva by the Minister of Finance Jürgen Ligi and acting head of the European Commission's Representation in Estonia Pille Vaher.
22. 09. 2010

The exhibition and related seminars and quizzes are part of the national notification with the purpose of increasing the awareness of the Estonian residents regarding the practical aspects of the changeover to euro.

The Euro Exhibition, the opening of which was led by the European Commission and the Ministry of Finance, deals with the most important euro-related issues and introduces the history of the European single currency and the terms of joining the eurozone. The exhibition provides information about how and where the banknotes are made, the structure and security features of the banknotes are introduced in detail as well. Among other topics, they speak about euro's place in the world and about the benefits euro brings along. The newly opened Euro Exhibition is contemporary and interactive – a lot of touch screen displays and audio-visual elements have been used. The visitors can also test their knowledge of euro by participating in the quiz.

A separate area has been established for children where it is possible to play computer games, to do a jigsaw, draw euros and divide countries on the magnetic map of Europe. Children can familiarize themselves with the back side of the coins, which are individual in each country using euro and they can explore the history of euro by travelling through history. All the visitors of the exhibition can make themselves a souvenir coin for memory.

„The Euro Exhibition does not talk about only banknotes and coins but it also presents the opportunities created by the European Union and our single currency. The exhibition provides a quick overview of the history of euro and how the European Monetary Union functions. I really hope that euro will become more familiar to the residents of Estonia due to the present exhibition,” said Pille Vaher, acting head of the European Commission's Representation in Estonia, at the opening of the exhibition.

Jürgen Ligi, the Minister of Finance, said at the opening of the exhibition that euro as the European single currency is also our currency. „Euro is a great currency that has earned international trust. Changeover to the European single currency adds reliability, changes Estonia more attractive for the investors and helps the economy here to recover,” said Ligi. At the same time the minister emphasised that euro is not beneficial only for Estonia but for all the Europe because the European economy is recovering faster than expected due to euro.

The Euro Exhibition opened in Astri centre is in Estonian and in Russian, it is free of charge for everybody. The exhibition will remain open in Narva until 12 September. As from 20 September, the Euro Exhibition will be in Tallinn in AHHAA Centre and as from 8 November in Tartu Lõunakeskus.

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