Updated: 18.05.2011

Survey: support for the adoption of euro has increased
The results of the Euro surveillance survey carried out in January shows that smooth transition to euro has increased support to the adoption of the joint currency among Estonian people.
Euro Changeover Committee summed it up
Today, on January 20, a meeting of the Euro Changeover Committee took place in the Ministry of Finance, where the heads of all the workgroups gave an overview of transition to the euro.
Eesti Post started additional mailing of euro calculators
Eesti Post started additional mailing of euro calculators.
Estonian vendors have to accept one and two cent euro coins
News in media earlier this week about Finnish vendors not accepting one and two cent euro coins from consumers upon prior notification applies only to Finland.
17% of companies failed to comply with the requirement to display prices and settle transactions in two currencies during the period of parallel circulation
During the period of parallel circulation, 01.01-2011–14.01.2011, the Consumer Protection Board inspected 430 enterprises where non-compliance was detected in 72 (17%) cases.
More than 67,000 people visited the Euro Exhibition
Approximately 67,000 people visited the travelling exhibition introducing euro in four cities of Estonia during five months.
A successful euro changeover in Estonia
The dual circulation period ended on Friday 14 January and the euro is now the only currency that is legal tender in Estonia.
Post offices exchanged 101.5 million kroons
Kroons were exchanged for euros during the first two weeks of January in 179 post offices.
From Saturday, only euro can be used for making payments
The Ministry of Finance reminds people that the dual circulation period of Estonian kroon and euro will be over on Friday, 14 January. As from Saturday, 15 January, the only valid currency in Estonia will be euro.
Euro cash exceeds kroons in circulation
On Monday at 13.00, euro cash worth 255 million euro and kroon cash worth 250 million euro were in circulation in Estonia.