The euro is s sign of quality and trust

Updated: 17.06.2011

The Euro is a sign of quality and trust

We keep saying that Estonia needs a specific goal to strive for, without which our actions would seemingly lack meaning and our existence would have no justification. Be it a union, a phone brand or currency, we always fail to differentiate between measure and meaning.The latest prevalent “goal” is the euro.We make an incredible effort to achieve it and try to seem big on the world map.This proves once again that a symbol is a good excuse for setting a goal.

For Estonia, the euro is a sign of quality and trust with which to celebrate our past two decades of existence.The message the euro carries has already improved the international reliability of our economy and politics – Estonia is an attractive target for investors and an efficient crisis manager.Our people have demonstrated the admirable skill to appreciate the necessary struggle despite cursing it.  Due to our ability to make decisions we have been able to refrain from excessive costs and debt, which will remain an advantage for many years to come.

The euro’s job is done. Let it come. To achieve this we had to meet formal criteria, but these were things we should have done anyway.The euro area is not a zone of inexhaustible money supply to free us from mundane worries, such as maintaining a balance between costs and incomes. Being in the euro area also entails work and setting goals with much more weight than merely the shape of a bank note.

The Euro web before you serves to explain the practical issues related to the adoption of the euro.


Jürgen Ligi