The Consumer Protection Board hotline is open on January 1 and 2

The Consumer Protection Board hotline is open on January 1 and 2.
30. 12. 2010

The Consumer Protection Board would like to wish everyone an understanding, peaceful and practical mind for the beginning of the new (euro) year! However, should you need assistance beyond common knowledge, the Consumer Protection Board hotline, 1330, is open for consumers and enterprises also on the first days of January (from 11 AM to 6 PM on both days).

The Consumer Protection Board recommends people to prepare for the changeover and follow the directions and information provided through media. For example, it is advisable to withdraw some cash in advance and have a sufficient reserve of petrol (the latter because some petrol stations will be closed on New Year's Eve) for the change of the year.

The Consumer Protection Board would also like to remind consumers of some key points concerning the adoption of the euro.


•        adoption of the euro shall neither change any terms or conditions of any legal instruments nor exempt anyone from the fulfilment of any obligations undertaken;

•        any monetary values in contracts entered into in kroons will be converted to euros based on the official exchange rate and the official rounding off rules;

•        documents certifying advanced payments (including prepaid cards, gift cards, tickets) with a validity date shall be valid until the validity date.


Parallel circulation period (01.01.2011-14.01.2011) is a period when both kroons and euros are equally valid means of payment:

•        cash payments can be made both in kroons and euros, including payments partially in euros and kroons;

•        change, as a rule, will be given in euros;

•        the same principles apply everywhere, including the means of public transport, cabs, etc.;

•        parking meters have to be adjusted to euros by no later than 15.01.2011. Before that date, cash payments may be made in kroons or euros, depending on the meter’s settings; and card payments may only be made in euros.


Please pay attention to the following:

•        Vendors are obliged to accept up to 50 euro coins regardless of their value;

•        When paying with large notes, make sure that the cashier has sufficient change;

•        If a vendor has trouble with change (e.g. it appears that the cashier does not have sufficient amount of change), the consumer should be timely notified of the problem and the cashier should ask for the consumer’s understanding;

•        As the amount of change to be given may be limited, please try to pay an exact sum, if possible.


NB! As of 15 January, the kroon prices will only have an informative meaning!


In case of problems:

If the product has been purchased in kroons, but the consumer issue arises in 2011, then the euro value of the product shall be calculated based on the official central exchange rate of 15.6466.

Consumers should also start to value coins more, as the value of euro cents are significantly higher than that of the kroon cents.

The Consumer Protection Board wishes all consumers a happy end of the (kroon) year and an understanding, peaceful and practical mind in the new situation of the approaching new (euro) year!


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Consumer Protection Board

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