From Saturday, only euro can be used for making payments

The Ministry of Finance reminds people that the dual circulation period of Estonian kroon and euro will be over on Friday, 14 January. As from Saturday, 15 January, the only valid currency in Estonia will be euro.
12. 01. 2011

“Although today, there is more euro cash in circulation than kroons and the majority of the shops give change for the purchases in euros, people still have quite a lot of kroons in their possession. We remind you that the dual circulation period of euro and kroon will last only for four more days. Friday will be the last day when purchases can be made for kroons. As from Saturday, only euros can be used for making the payments," said Tea Varrak, Chancellor of the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry asks all the traders and service establishments to give customers only euros as change during the time that is still left, as it is not practical to let kroons go back into circulation before the end of dual circulation period.

After 14 January (until the end of June), kroons can be exchanged for euros in all bank offices, which deal with cash transactions; in limited network of offices, this will be possible until the end of the year. From 2012, the Bank of Estonia will exchange kroons for euros at the official exchange rate and without a service fee.


Livia Vosman

Ministry of Finance

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