Updated: 18.05.2011

Amendments to the euro changeover plan proposed by the National Changeover Committee
Today, on 14 September, the meeting of the National Changeover Committee decided to submit to the government for approval some amendments to the changeover plan.
In August, 43% of the inspected companies did not follow the requirement of showing the prices in two currencies
The prices of the goods and services offered to the customer have to be presented both in kroons as well as in euros from 1 July to 30 June 2011.
Narva euro exhibition discusses the security features of the euro notes
Today, on August 31 at 12 o'clock, Narva Astra shopping center holds the second information seminar of the euro door-to-door exhibition.
Consumer Protection Board's price monitoring in August: slowly increasing bread prices and multiply varying taxi fares
In August, the Consumer Protection Board monitored the prices for goods and services in two Estonian cities - Tallinn and Tartu.
Fair pricing campaign launched today
An advertising campaign was launched in Estonian media on Monday, 23 August, inviting all traders, service providers and producers to subscribe to the Fair Pricing Agreement and to avoid unjustified price increases after changeover to the euro.
Varrak: Mistakes in displaying prices in two currencies are of concern
Yesterday, on August 10th, there was a meeting in the Ministry of Finance of the national changeover committee, where working groups accounted for their last activities.
Survey: people are generally familiar with the main aspects of the changeover to the euro
A fresh opinion survey among Estonian residents indicates that, six months before the introduction of the euro, there is generally a good level of awareness regarding the changeover.
Preparations for the changeover to the euro are within schedule and public awareness is on the rise
Preparations for the changeover to the euro are within schedule and public awareness is on the rise.
Eesti Pank launches the production of Estonian euro coins
On Tuesday, Eesti Pank will launch the production of Estonian euro coins in the Mint of Finland. The total volume will be 194 million coins.
Governor of Eesti Pank: Estonia is prepared for living in the euro area
According to Andres Lipstok, Governor of Eesti Pank, Estonia is prepared for living in the monetary union, as Estonia has, like the euro area, resorted to other measures of economic adjustment than the changing the exchange rate.