Updated: 18.05.2011

Estonia has received the Final Confirmation to the Euro-Changeover
At today’s meeting of the Economic and Finance ministers of European Union, the decision and resolutions of the Council were approved and thereby confirmed Estonia’s adoption of the euro as of 1 January 2011.
Consumer Protection Board's survey of prices in June show that the prices of hair cutting have increased considerably
The prices of goods and services were observed in the third week of June. The price survey was carried out in five towns and 19 stores.
From July 1 the prices of goods and services shall be presented in both kroons and the euros to Estonian consumers
In the following months one of the priorities of the Consumer Protection Board of Estonia is to oversee price presentation, correct exchange rates and rounding rules, and, if necessary, carry out sanctioning thereof.
The National Changeover Committee recommends that entrepreneurs speed up their preparations
On June 21st, the National Changeover Committee on Estonia’s transition to the euro held an ordinary meeting in the Ministry of Finance.
Financial Ministers of euro zone recommend accepting Estonia into euro zone
The meeting of Financial Ministers in Luxembourg on June 8, discussed the Estonian transition to the euro, in addition to the overall directions of economic policy and the regulation of the financial system.
Ministry of Finances sent instructions to entrepreneurs for transition to euro
The Ministry of Finances, in co-operation with the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK), has sent an electronic memo to all enterprises and commercial associations registered in the Commercial Registry.
Saar Poll survey mapped expectations of Estonian residents about transition to euro
A focus group survey conducted by the survey company Saar Poll was introduced in the Ministry of Finances on June 9.
European leaders approve adoption of euro by Estonia on 1st January 2011
At the meeting of the European Council that took place in Brussels on the 17th June 2010, unanimous approval was given to Estonia to enter the euro area next year.
Estonia's Euro currency bid gets Parliament's green light
Estonia's bid to join the Euro was backed by the European Parliament on Wednesday with 589 votes in favour, 40 against and 52 abstentions.
Standard & Poor's Rating Services upgrades Estonia's rating
On Thursday, 10 June, Standard & Poor's Rating Services raised Estonia's sovereign rating to A with stable outlook.