Kroon coins have been brought to banks in the value of almost 30 million kroons

Over 200 tons of coins in the value of almost 30 million kroons have been returned to banks since October.
11. 01. 2011

“People are still interested in bringing Estonian kroon coins into bank, and thus the self-service coin counters in most of the bank offices will be there for counting the kroon coins until the end of the dual circulation of euro and kroon. However, one has to take into account that the waiting time in bank offices is currently longer than usual,” said Katrin Talihärm, Managing Director of Estonian Banking Association.

Talihärm added that people were very active in putting coins on their bank accounts or converting them into cash during the last week of the year when twice as many coins were brought into banks as regularly. “The largest amounts of coins brought by one person amounted to 30,000 kroons.”

Coins can be exchanged also after the end of dual circulation, but then it will take much more time to count the coins.

“Kroon coins can also be used for making the payments until 14 January. It is a very good idea to donate your last Estonian cents to the Estonian Food Bank, the gathering boxes of which can be found in shops and bank offices,” Talihärm reminded.

The Food Bank accepts from trade and production the products that are about to expire, puts together food boxes with voluntary help and distributes them to people and families the most in need. The Food Bank’s campaign is organized by "Teeme Ära” team together with the Estonian Banking Association, Estonian Traders Association and G4S.


Further information:

Katrin Talihärm

Managing Director

Estonian Banking Association

Tel: 611 6567