Survey: awareness of changeover to euro and support remain stable

According to the euro monitoring survey conducted in October at the request of State Chancellery and Ministry of Finance, the Estonian residents' awareness of euro and support to it remain stable.
5. 11. 2010

As to the survey, 84% of the Estonian residents consider themselves to be well or sufficiently informed of the issues related to the changeover to euro. Only 21% of the respondents pointed out the need for additional information.

Knowledge of practical issues related to changeover to euro has improved a bit.

According to the last survey, 77% of the respondents are capable of saying the exact or approximate currency exchange rate in case of the changeover to euro; 87% know that the amount of kroons to be exchanged for euros is not limited and they are aware of the two-week period of dual cash circulation.

85% of the respondents know that the banks will be exchanging money without a service fee at the official exchange rate one month before and six months after the changeover to euro. 54% are aware that the Bank of Estonia will exchange kroons for euros for an unlimited period.

Fair for general price increase remained in October at the same level with September. 68% of the respondents find general price increase likely. The number of people who think that price increase does not depend on the fact that we will change over to euro has slightly increased.

According to the survey, both support as well as opposition to euro decreased a little and the number of people who does not have their own opinion increased. In October, 49% of the respondents supported changeover to euro, 40% did not support it and 11% of the respondents did not have their own opinion. In September, the amount of supporters was 51% and 43% did not support changeover to euro. The change remains within the statistical error.

Compared to the previous survey, the support of women, elderly age group and non-Estonians has decreased, but the support has increased among people with elementary and basic education and with low income.

The survey was conducted on 11-18 October by a polling company Faktum&Ariko. 501 people at the age of 15-74 were interviewed by phone. The survey had been ordered by State Chancellery and the Ministry of Finance.

The survey report is available in full at Euroveeb and on the web page of State Chancellery.


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