Post offices exchanged 101.5 million kroons

Kroons were exchanged for euros during the first two weeks of January in 179 post offices.
19. 01. 2011

6,482,462 euros were issued and 42,167 currency exchange transactions were made by means of post offices.

The service of currency exchange for euros was offered by the post offices in rural areas and on three small islands.“As our main field of business is not currency exchange, and taking into account the fact that the client service officers were in a new situation, the currency exchange went smoothly.On average, one person exchanged 2,400 kroons in a post office.The service was used the most in Harju and Pärnu County, very actively also near Peipsi,” said Jaan Vainult, Head of Postal Services Division.

As from 14 January until the end of June, kroons can be exchanged for euros in all bank offices, which deal with cash transactions; in limited network of offices, this will be possible until the end of the year.As from 2012, the Bank of Estonia will exchange kroons for euros at the official exchange rate and without a service fee.

Estonia is the first state who used the network of post offices during the changeover to euro.