Consumer Protection Board's price monitoring in October: prices for the services have remained the same

Consumer Protection Board's price monitoring in October: prices for the services have remained the same.
3. 11. 2010

In October, the prices for goods and services were monitored in five Estonian cities. The prices for the services have been stable for a longer period but as to food products, they have undergone both price increases and decreases.

One should definitely pay attention to the prices of the same goods/ services in different shops and service enterprises and dare to choose his/ her shopping places.

By comparing the prices, it appears that the price difference in neighbouring shops of the same city could be often more than 10 kroons. Here, we could point out an interesting observation that in Kuressaare, during one day, it was possible to buy one kilo of tomatoes at the price of 21.9 kroons, whereas in the neighbouring shop they cost 38.9 kroons a kilo. Similar price difference was also observed in Viljandi, where in Selver a kilo of sausages cost 44.9 kroons but in Maksimarket the price was 53 kroons a kilo. There are several examples like that.

Although coffee price increased in August, it has not affected the catering companies. The price for a cup of coffee has been the same already for a longer period. Similarly, the prices for taxi services, beauty services, swimming-pools, dry-cleaning and other services have been stable for a long time.

Vegetable prices have also decreased – compared to September, unpacked and unwashed potato price per kilo has dropped to 4.6 kroons (in September it was 5.2 kroons); kilo price of washed unpacked carrots dropped from 5.8 kroons to 4.7 kroons per kilo; cucumber price dropped from 19.5 to 18.9 kroons per kilo and kilo price of banana dropped from 19.5 kroons to 15 kroons.

As to meat products, the prices have remained at the same level or even decreased compared to previous months. For example, Doktorivorst by Rakvere Meat Processing Plant cost in September 62.3 kroons on average but in October, the price was 56.2 kroons on average.

Price increase could be observed in case of bread and dairy products. If in September Toolse bread cost 7.9 kroons on average in the shops under monitoring, then in October the price had increased almost by two kroons to 9.7 kroons on average. The price of Tallinna Peenleib has also increased more than two kroons – in September it cost 9.4 kroons, in October already 11.8 kroons. Price increase involved also Kirde white bread, which cost 7.8 kroons on average in October (in September the price was 5.8 kroons).

The cheapest milk (2.5%) in plastic bags cost 7.9 kroons during the previous monitoring but in October, the average price was already 9 kroons. Out of the shops under monitoring only Lasnamäe Prisma and Säästumarket in Tallinn and Maksimarket in Viljandi were selling milk at a cheaper price, i.e. at the price prior to “milk war” (7.9 kroons). The price of 20% sour cream had also increased (500 ml) – in September it was 10.6 kroons, in October the price was 12.7 kroons on average. We were glad to see that the kilo price of Eesti Juust (Estonian Cheese) has not increased.


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