The Euro Exhibition has arrived in Lääne-Viru county

The exhibition introducing euro will be opened tomorrow at Põhjakeskus in Rakvere.
13. 12. 2010

The Euro Exhibition will give the residents of Lääne-Viru county an opportunity to receive quick answers to the questions about euro.

Tea Varrak, the Chancellor of the Ministry of Finance, said that the Euro Exhibition will be opened also in Rakvere, because the previous exhibitions in Narva, Tallinn and Tartu turned out to be very popular. “Since August, more than 40 000 people in total have visited the Euro Exhibition in different towns in Estonia where lots of euro-related materials were distributed and many questions answered. Direct communication with people has been a very efficient channel for information exchange,“ Varrak added.

People visiting the Exhibition can find thorough information about the making of euro banknotes, there is also the opportunity to examine structure and security elements of the banknotes. Recently opened exhibition is modern and interactive – there are many touch screen billboards and audiovisual elements.

Euro’s place in the world and the benefits brought along by euro will be discussed in the Exhibition. The Exhibition will also give an overview of the history of euro and functioning of the European Monetary Union. „The Euro Exhibition does not present only banknotes and coins, but shows also the opportunities to be created by our and the European Union’s single currency,“ said Pille Vaher, who will open the Exhibition on behalf of the European Commission Representation in Estonia.

There is also a separate area for children in the Exhibition where they can piece together puzzles, draw euros and place countries in a magnetic map of Europe. It is also possible to become acquainted with back sides of the coins that are different in each Eurozone country.

All the visitors can make a souvenir coin as a memento of the Exhibition.

The travelling Exhibition has previously been presented in Narva, Tallinn and Tartu. The Exhibition will remain open until 16th January in Rakvere and everybody can visit the Exhibition free of charge.