Central bank’s Governor will be introducing euro changeover principles in Haapsalu

On Friday, a public lecture will be given by the Governor of Eesti Pank Andres Lipstok in Haapsalu and Deputy Governor Rein Minka in Jõhvi to explain the prerequisites, schedule and principles of the euro adoption.
3. 05. 2010

“The previous performances of the lecture series have shown that people are interested in issues such as whether the currency exchange will occur without service charges and whether the exchange rate will remain the same.I have reiterated in my performances that the state's goal is to adopt the euro at the current exchange rate and Eesti Pank shall guarantee that people will be able to convert their kroons into euro for an unlimited time without a service charge", Lipstok said.

The aim of Eesti Pank’s lecture series discussing the euro changeover is to explain, when the decisions regarding Estonia’s potential accession to the euro area will be made, how the currency exchange will occur in reality and how to be prepared for it.The key principle of the changeover is to make it as comfortable for the people as possible.

The lecture of Governor Andres Lipstok will commence in the Haapsalu city government buildingat 13:00. The Deputy Governor Rein Minka will begin his lecture in the rural municipality government building of Jõhvi at 10:00.

Presentations within Eesti Pank's lecture series have already taken place in Krootuse, Kallaste, Elva, Narva, Jõgeva, Kohtla-Järve and Rakvere.A lecture is scheduled for 28 April in Kuressaare.In May, lectures will take place in Paide, Võru, Viljandi, Kärdla, Valga, Keila and Pärnu.Rapla will be visited at the beginning of June.

Altogether, the central bank’s lectures will take place in 18 cities and rural municipalities.

The presentations will be given by the Governor of Eesti Pank Andres Lipstok, Deputy Governors Rein Minka and Märten Ross, the Head of the Economics Department Ülo Kaasik and the Head Specialists of the same department Natalja Viilmann and Peeter Luikmel.Information on the schedule, principles and events related to the euro changeover is available on the Euroweb.

See the schedule of performances regarding the euro changeover on the Euroweb events page.There you can also find the presentation materials of the lectures.