G4S starts to load ATM’s with euros today

Today evening, cash collectors of G4S will start to load approximately 800 ATM?s with euros all over Estonia, which brings about a gradual closure of ATM?s until the beginning of the New Year.
31. 12. 2010

Currency exchange in ATM’s will be carried out from the end of work day on 30 December roughly until 7 p.m. on 31 December. The ATM’s that have been loaded with euros will be gradually closed and as from 7 p.m. on 31 December, all the ATM’s served by G4S will be closed.

As an exception, a small number of Sampo and Nordea Bank’s ATM’s will dispense Estonian kroons until the late hours of 31 December.
According to the plan, euros can be drawn from all the ATM’s as from the first minutes of 1 January.

The cash collectors of G4S will have to load approximately 800 ATM’s located in different parts of Estonia with euros within less than 30 hours. Cash transportation and loading of ATM’s will be performed round-the-clock and the activity will be secured by the police.

As drawing out cash will be limited as from today evening, G4S advises people to save a reasonable amount of cash for the New Year’s Eve in order to be able to pay also in places where paying by card is impossible.

A great interest in new currency during the first days of January may create a situation where ATM’s located in more crowded places may quicker run out of some of the bank notes. In case problems occur, people are asked to first inform the bank’s customer service. In this case, G4S asks people to be understanding: ATM’s will be constantly loaded with new euros and cash transporters will be in the state of increased readiness in order to bring more currency, if required.

G4S Eesti is the largest cooperation partner of the Bank of Estonia and commercial banks in the field of cash deliveries and processing. Exchanging kroons for euros has also brought about additional labour costs – in order to ensure a safe currency exchanging process, security guards from G4S will have to do about 30,000 hours of overtime. In order to ensure that the new euro bank notes will reach all the places on time, cash transport vehicles of G4S will have to cover approximately 240,000 kilometres during the period of currency exchange.

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