More than 67,000 people visited the Euro Exhibition

Approximately 67,000 people visited the travelling exhibition introducing euro in four cities of Estonia during five months.
19. 01. 2011

According to estimations, during the period from 10 December 2010 - 16 January 2011, 17,500 people visited the exhibition, which finished on Sunday in Rakvere Põhjakeskus.

According to Tea Varrak, the Chancellor of the Ministry of Finance, the Euro Exhibition served its purpose in every way. “The Euro Exhibition displayed in shopping centres offered people an easy and convenient possibility to get euro-related information. The seminars and debates carried out during the exhibition definitely played a significant role in increasing the awareness of people and the public. All this contributed to a smooth transition to euro in Estonia,” said Varrak.

The first Euro Exhibition was opened on 18 August in Narva in Astri Centre and the last one finished in Rakvere on 16 January. In October and November, the exhibition was open in Tallinn in AHHAA Centre and in Tartu in Lõunakeskus. The total of more than 15,000 sets of euro-related information materials were handed out to people and approximately 100,000 euro souvenir coins were made during all the exhibitions.

At the seminars organised during the Euro Exhibition, the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Estonia and the Estonian Banking Association spoke about the safety of euro banknotes, daily bank transactions and other issues related to adoption of euro. Euro-related topical subjects – economic growth, price increase and sustainability of the eurozone - were discussed in the debates organised in cooperation with the Estonian Debating Society. Schools were also involved in the exhibition, pupils could fill in questionnaires meant for them on the spot.

The Euro Exhibition, carried out and led by the European Commission and the Ministry of Finance, dealt with more significant euro-related topics and introduced the history of the Europe’s single currency and terms and conditions of joining the eurozone. The visitors received information about the production of the bank notes and about the security features. Exhibition together with the seminars and quizzes accompanying it were part of the national notification, by means of which they wished to increase the awareness of Estonian people of the practical aspects related to changeover to euro.


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