Consumer Protection Board's price monitoring in August: slowly increasing bread prices and multiply varying taxi fares

In August, the Consumer Protection Board monitored the prices for goods and services in two Estonian cities - Tallinn and Tartu.
31. 08. 2010

Significant changes in prices for the goods and services under monitoring were not detected; the differences occur only in the case of a few goods and are in the increasing rather than decreasing course.

Due to the bread price increase that has become the center of attention lately the Consumer Protection Board paid special attention to the prices of aforementioned goods. If the price for a loaf of bread increased 10 cents on the average in July, then in August it increased 20 cents and so it can be concluded that the bread price has slowly increased. The prices for dairy products that increased in the previous months, on the other hand, have slightly decreased in August.

As usual, the most price fluctuations (in august – decrease) take place with vegetables. August is the most favorable month to buy those and this is also upheld by the decreasing price of monitored vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, etc). 

Severe price disparities occurred also in taxi services. Sõbra Takso that operates in Tallinn has a 1 km tariff that is two times cheaper than Linnatakso who offers the same service. Time tariffs and base fares also have disparities of several tens of percentages, e.g. the cheapest of monitored bidders is the so called waiting fare for Saksa Takso with 116 kroons and the highest for Linnatakso - 239 kroons. The most affordable of the monitored taxi enterprises are Sõbra Takso whose 1 km tariff is 5 kroons and 30 cents, base fare 35 kroons and waiting hour 115 kroons and Saksa Takso with a 5.4-kroon 1 km tariff, 34-kroon base fare and 116-kroon waiting hour.

Consumer Protection Board's full price monitoring is available on the Board's web page: As of July, the prices are displayed both in kroons and euros.

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