Consumer Protection Board's survey of prices in June show that the prices of hair cutting have increased considerably

The prices of goods and services were observed in the third week of June. The price survey was carried out in five towns and 19 stores.
1. 07. 2010

Besides food products and basic consumer goods, the prices of several services were also observed in these towns.

No significant price changes were observed. The prices of those goods, which have increased, have done it by 4-6% depending on the product.

The prices of dairy products are more or less the same as in May. Cheese “Eesti”, which in May cost 107 EEK/kg on average, was in June 114 EEK/kg. The prices of the cheapest milk and cream are on the same level with the previous month, which means a slowdown of increase in prices.

There have been no price changes in meat products too. If the prices have increased/ decreased, then only by some tens of cents. The price survey does not observe extra prices, but due to barbecue season, lots of meat products are being offered at extra prices.

Price changes can be pointed out in connection with vegetables. If usually it is new cucumber that has bigger changes depending on the season and the month, then this time its price has remained on the same level with May. Tomato's price per kilogram has decreased – if in May, tomatoes cost 25.7 EEK on average, then in June the price is only 17.4 EEK. The price of white cabbage has increased from 6 EEK to 8 EEK/kg.

As to services, price changes have occurred in the capital's hair salons. Is it due to high season (graduations, weddings, etc) or something else but for example, Intersalon in Tallinn  increased the average price of lady's haircut from 380 EEK to 415 EEK and men's haircut from 220 EEK to 275 EEK. Hairdresser's services got more expensive also in S. Leinatamm salon in Tallinn, where average lady's haircut used to cost 135 EEK in May and men's haircut used to be 95 EEK in May. In June, the corresponding services cost respectively 150 EEK and 125 EEK. Salon Karvamari has also increased the average haircut price from 155 to 165 EEK. NB! The prices pointed out are average.

Monthly price surveys are published in full amount at Consumer Protection Board's webpage.

As from July, the prices of the products-services will be additionally to Estonian kroons also observed in euros.