Consumer Protection Board’s price monitoring in December: the campaign prices made it possible for the consumers to fill the basket of goods at more profitable prices.

Consumer Protection Board?s price monitoring in December: the campaign prices made it possible for the consumers to fill the basket of goods at more profitable prices.
31. 12. 2010

In December, the Consumer Protection Board monitored the prices in Tallinn, Tartu, Viljandi, Jõhvi and Kuressaare, all together in 19 shops. As characteristic of the Christmas month, the shops were full of different campaigns and special offers, which make it difficult to assess the actual increase or decrease of the prices. But we can say that if some shops have kept their prices at the level of previous months, then other shops have increased them considerably.

The latter can be illustrated by the price of Gevalia coffee. The selling price of a pack of Gevalia coffee (450 g ground) has increased 21%. When in November the cheapest pack cost 45.5 kroons, then in December the cheapest price was 49.9 kroons (Viljandi TÜ Maksimarket). The highest price of a pack of Gevalia coffee was 75.9 kroons (in all the stores of Selver surveyed by us).

Paulig’s coffee President (500g pack) was sold in December at the price of 71.9 kroons in Kuressaare Selver, Jõhvi and Tartu Maxima X and Tartu Hyper Rimi. In other shops surveyed, the above-mentioned coffee is being sold at a campaign price of 49.9 kroons already for a longer period.

The average 1kg price of cleaned fish (salmon or trout) was also different in shops. The cheapest fish cost 79.9 kroons on average and the most expensive cost 125.5 kroons on average. The price of the above-mentioned fish was the cheapest in Tallinn Järve Selver and in Viljandi Selver.

The potato price has also increased. In December, the average kilogram price was 5 kroons. Price of green cabbage has increased almost a third, the average price in December was 8.5 kroons per kilo. Price of green cucumber has become more favourable for the consumer as it costs 5 kroons less compared to November. The cheapest kilogram price of the tomatoes has remained stable in the shops surveyed in November and December. The average kilogram price is 31 kroons.

Among the large selection of diapers, the Consumer Protection Board has been monitoring the price of Libero “Baby soft midi 3” (68 pcs in a pack) during the year. When from January to March the average price was 230 kroons per pack, then by the current month, the average price of Libero diaper pack is 255 kroons. The cheapest price for the above-mentioned diapers could be found in December in Mustakivi Hyper Rimi (159 kroons) and the most expensive price was in Viljandi TÜ Maksimarket (283 kroons).

Taxi prices have generally remained stable but Linnatakso in Tallinn could be pointed out as they have changed their tariffs per 1 km so that if at the beginning of the year 1 km cost 9.4 kroons, then by the end of the year the price is 10.9 kroons per kilometre. Linnatakso has also increased both the starting fee from 45 kroons to 48 kroons and the waiting fee or time tariff from 200 kroons to 239 kroons.

Taxi companies in Jõhvi, Kuressaare, Tartu and Viljandi, surveyed by the Consumer Protection Board, have not increased their tariffs during 2010.


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