Consumer Protection Board’s survey of prices in November: the prices of staple goods have fallen in comparison with the previous years

This time, the prices were observed in four Estonian towns: Tallinn, Tartu, Viljandi and Saaremaa.
29. 11. 2010

If the prices of bread and milk have undergone an increase in comparison with the previous years, the prices of staple goods have fallen instead.

There was no considerable price rise in November, as the price of both bread and milk remained stable compared to the month before. For example, the average price of the bread Tallinna Peenleib was 11.8 kroons in November, costing from 11.4 to 13.5 kroons depending on the store.

Interestingly, the price of the bread Kodusai (AS Fazer, 320g sliced) had risen – costing the average of 5.9 kroons in September and October, but already 7 kroons in November. This bread cost the most, i.e. 9.5 kroons, in Tartu Hyper Rimi store.

The price of the cheapest milk had also stabilised – a litre cost the average of 8.9 kroons in October.

The average price of minced meat Rakvere kodune hakkliha, which, in October, was 57-58 kroons per kilo, had risen to 60.5 kroons by November. The price of Olivia cooking oil (AS Werol Tehased) had also undergone a rise, costing 27.8 kroons per litre in October and 29.1 kroons in November.

The price of mayonnaise (Provansaal, Tarplani Kaubanduse OÜ), eggs (Tallegg Peremunad) and the cheapest sugar remained at the same level as in the previous year.

Despite the fact that rising prices have been given a lot of attention recently, the prices of certain product groups seem to have undergone a slight fall instead. As to basic consumer goods, washing powder Tide Automat (400g) cost the average of 23.8 kroons in November 2009, but only 20.5 kroons in November 2010. The average price of washing-up liquid Fairy (500ml) was 17.7 kroons a year ago, costs approximately 14 kroons today.

Generally speaking, the prices did not rise markedly in November, remaining relatively stable compared to October. The same applies to services.


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