Amendments to the euro changeover plan proposed by the National Changeover Committee

Today, on 14 September, the meeting of the National Changeover Committee decided to submit to the government for approval some amendments to the changeover plan.
17. 09. 2010

The more important amendments include clarification of the role of the Estonian postal company, Eesti Post, in currency exchange and specification of the structure of banknotes available from cash dispensing machines during the period of parallel circulation.According to the new wording, banks are allowed to use 5-, 10-, 20- and 50-euro banknotes in cash dispensing machines, with the exact selection being left to each bank.The majority of commercial banks have already announced that they intend to supply the machines with 5-euro banknotes as well.

“This will probably be the last amendment to the changeover plan.The changeover to the euro is near and no further modifications have been planned.Any possible future issues in practical matters should be solved with recommendations of the Changeover Committee/Ministry of Finance, which will be published in appropriate channels and certainly also in the Euroweb,” said Tea Varrak, chair of the Committee.

The Committee observed that technical preparations are almost in the final stretch.Of the state information systems, the systems of the Tax and Customs Board, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs are still being adapted, but are on schedule to be completed by 1 November 2010.On the legal side, a general regulation for amending government regulations, affected by the euro, has been adopted and the last amendments to ministerial regulations should be completed by the end of September.


The next meeting of the Changeover Committee will be held on 12 October.



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