Trainings for cash handlers

Updated: 17.03.2011

Eesti Pank held a series of training courses for cash handlers during 2010. The aim was to present the security features of euro cash in order to minimise the circulation of counterfeit euro cash.

The training series was organised in three parts.

Level I training was for representatives of credit institutions and big companies, who could pass on the information inside their companies. The training took place on June 2nd and 3rd, 2010, in Tallinn. In the three seminars, top-level experts from the Bank of Finland, the Finnish criminal police and Nordea Bank Finland passed on information to those providing further training.

 Level II training was for a broader circle of cash handlers in the biggest towns of the fifteen counties. The target group included cashiers, small traders and businesses that handle cash directly. From September to December, 30 training sessions were organised in collaboration with Eesti Pank and the county development centres of Enterprise Estonia.

Level III training provided information about the security features of the euro to the public through mass media, brochures, advertising, direct mail, exhibitions and other euro projects.


Further information about the training courses:

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