What to do when the euro calculator becomes waste?

17. 03. 2011

The Ministry of Finance concluded an agreement organising the waste management of discarded euro calculators

On 27 December, 2010, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and MTÜ Eesti Elektri- ja Elektroonikaseadmete Ringlus (EES-Ringlus) concluded an agreement organising the waste management and recovery of euro calculators that have been distributed to Estonian residents.

According to the agreement, producer responsibility described in the Waste Act concerning euro calculators and the button cell batteries included thereof shall be transferred from the Ministry of Finance to EES-Ringlus.EES-Ringlus shall forward the data on recovered calculators to the register of products of concern, finance handling procedures of discarded calculators and button cell batteries, operate the respective collection network, and dispatch the waste for recovery.

The Ministry of Finance shall pay EES-Ringlus 0.5 kroons per one kilogram of calculators (a total of 8120 kroons) and 5 kroons per one kilogram of button cell batteries (a total of 2900 kroons) for the transfer of producer responsibility for the 580,000 euro calculators brought into the Estonian market.

The Ministry of Finance is planning to import and distribute an additional 30,000 euro calculators into Estonia in January of 2011, and the principles of this agreement shall be extended to those, also.

When discarded, all euro calculators and batteries thereof released in Estonia shall be collected separately from all other municipal waste through special collection points.Click here for a full list of collection points and waste stations of EES-Ringlus:http://www.eesringlus.ee/1719

On 5 November, 2010, the Ministry of Finance also concluded an agreement with Sandman Grupi AS for the organisation of warranty replacement of calculators through the Euronics chain stores, and this agreement shall remain valid in its original form.The calculators and batteries thereof returned in the course of warranty replacement shall also be dispatched for waste management according to the requirements laid down in the Waste Act.